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Guided Tours to Concentration Camps


Chelmno Kulmhof Concentration Camp

We offer a tour to Kulmhof Concentration Camp being an another death camp in Poland which was established by Nazi Germans during WWII. The camp is located 50 km north of Lodz nearby a small village of Chelmno.


Majdanek Concentration Camp

The Majdanek Concentration Camp was established in 1941 by Nazi Germans in the boundaries of Lublin. It is considered to be the best-preserved extermination camp. On the grounds of the former camp, the State Museum was founded in 1944.


The Nazi German Camp Stutthof

We offer a tour to the Nazi German Camp Stutthof, which is situated 34 km from Gdansk. It is the first camp established outside the country of Germany and the last camp liberated by Soviet troops.


The Death Camp in Sobibor

Sobibor concentration camp was operating between 1942 and 1943. The camp was situated in woods, on the outskirts of Sobibór – the village located close to the border of Poland, the Ukraine and Belarus. The aim of the camp was an achievement of „Operation Reinhard”.


The Death Camp in Belzec

Belzec concentration camp was opened in 1942. The camp was situated on the outskirts of the village of Belzec. The aim of the camp was a realization of the assumptions of „Operation Reinhard”.


The Concentration Camp Gross-Rosen

The Concentration Camp Gross-Rosen was established in 1940 by Nazi Germans 40 miles southwest of Wroclaw.


Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Mauthausen concentration camp was established in 1938 by Nazi Germans, five months after the annexation of Austrian territory to the Third Reich. The camp is situated in the town of Mauthausen only 20 km east from Linz.


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was established in 1936, 35 km north of Berlin. Originally, it was a prison for political German opponents of the Nazi regime, but it was enlarged during WWII and became a death camp mostly for Jews, Communists, Polish intelligentsia (teacher, politicians, priest).


Terezin Memorial

The biggest prison on the area of Bohemia in Sudeten was Terezin Camp. Originally, it was an imperial fortress from 19th century which advantages were noticed by Nazi Germans and turned into a police prison in 1940. In that so-called „small fortress” political prisoners, who were involving in resistance movements,...


Treblinka Concentration Camp Tour

We offer a tour to Treblinka Extermination Camp which is situated north-west of Warsaw, in the Masovian Voivodeship. This death camp is regarded as the second most important German wartime extermination center. Only in Auschwitz-Birkenau more people were killed.

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