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In the polish town of Lublin being under Nazi German occupation, the new concentration camp was established in 1941. Its location is exceptional because of the fact that the most of extermination camps were built on remote rural areas whereas KL Lublin was located in the boundaries of the big city of Lublin. The most common name of that camp is Majdanek. This name has took from the camp's location - it was situated in the close vicinity of Majdan Tatarski. Initially, the function of this camp was to exploit inmates to backbreaking work in industry. Thanks to that, Hitler planned to build the power of a new Nazi German empire in the east. Later, Nazi Germans decided to put a new plan of "Final Solution" (mass Jews' extermination) into action. Majdanek Camp has been transformed into an extermination camp.

Inmates came from almost 30 countries. Among them there were Poles, Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and prisoners of war. Camp's living conditions were a real ordeal. The inherent part of existence in that prison was hunger, cold, diseases, mistreatment, executions, murders in gas chambers and much more. Approximately 150.000 inmates have entered Majdanek and 80.000 of them have lost their life there. Among prisoners there were both children and adults. In 23/24 July 1944, the camp was liberated by the Soviet Army.

In November 1944, the State Museum of Majdanek was founded on the place of the former concentration camp. The mission of the museum is to commemorate the victims of Nazi German homicides as well as promote historical education about the WWII.


The State Museum at Majdanek offers the outdoor exhibition, the historical exhibition, the multimedia exhibition as well as various temporal exhibitions. They depict prisoners' existence in the camp and the SS staff's life. There can be found a special historic route 'Konzentrationslager Lublin 1941-1943” telling about camp's history with the aid of archival photographs, 3D scale model of the camp and multimedia presentation, as well as inmates' and SS staff's memoirs.

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